Breathwork & Pranayama

A collection of videos and audios to help you breathe better, find calm and, strengthen your immune system. Breathwork fights stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. Happy breathing!

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Our innermost nature is to maintain a state of relaxation. Our body needs to experience calm and rest so that it can function correctly.

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Meditation is the process of stilling the body to still the mind. It allows us to be more present with ourselves but also more cognisant of what is happening around us in the here and now.

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Keep this channel alive.

A lot of people have asked us why we are not charging for the content offered on this channel. The answer is simple: we know that many of you have lost your income, are struggling and finding it difficult to cope during these challenging times.

Our mission on this channel is to support everyone who needs tips and easy to use techniques for self-care, to find calm and resilience and to connect with themselves so that they can go through this dark period and emerge renewed and refreshed.

We, the creators of this platform, are spending a lot of time trying to make it as professional, easy to understand and straightforward as possible for all our members. We are a team of IT developers, teachers and writers who are also trying to figure out how to get by. If you have the means to offer a contribution, it would be warmly appreciated. Take care of yourselves!

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by Laurent Roure