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Laurent Roure and his team are pleased to introduce you to their new Wellness Channel. This platform allows individuals to use and practice accessible tools and techniques to improve and support their physiological and psychological health. The Wellness Channel is grounded in knowledge gleaned from Laurent’s expansive experience of studying, teaching and self-practicing mindful yoga, breathwork, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra over many years. The platform has been created in response to the uncertain times that we face and intends to offer a hub of knowledge and offerings where we can renew, slow down, self-reflect and recharge. The channel will be updated regularly with new content coming from Laurent, other teachers and therapists. This is just the start, but over time we will have an extensive library of streaming videos, guided practices, articles and podcasts available to you anytime. We hope that you will enjoy the Wellness Channel. Feedback is invaluable, so if you have any questions or requests, please email us! Laurent and his team send you all lots of love during this challenging time.

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by Laurent Roure